Welcome to The Old Merc Guy (Pty) Ltd

I specialise in supplying guaranteed used spares for most 1975 to 1995 Model Mercedes-benzes and courier parts around South Africa daily.

All my products carry a 90 day from delivery guarantee to check availability and pricing of what you are looking for please contact me, Keyan, on (+27) 78 00 88 781 (sms/Whatsapp/iMessage or a call)

Please google The Old Merc Guy and read our reviews.  

In addition to being a spares business, The Old Merc Guy is a specialist older Mercedes resource that runs online platforms that have a combined worldwide following of over half a million people. A place where you can seek advice or market your car to the widest possible focused audience. 

Links to our main platforms on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube  can be found near the bottom of this page. 

When I started this business back in 2011 it was in response to being sick and tired of the indifferent service of parts suppliers generally selling over priced, poor quality products. I envisaged it being a spares resource where one could find real help from like minded people. A place where how knackered or how pristine your Merc is, was irrelevant but focused instead on a shared love for the integrity of the brands older models. Over the years the business evolved to include all aspects of older Mercedes ownership including, for a while, restorations and even a workshop, but the sale of spares and providing an advice resource has always remained the core of the businesses focus. The growth of our online platforms has allowed for the monetisation of them through advertising and this, together with the sale of quality spares, has become a large portion of what we do these days. Check out The Old Merc Guy Facebook page and Youtube channel, the links are at the bottom of this page. 

The Old Merc Guy is a specialist older Mercedes-Benz resource based in South Africas Eastern Cape. Other than supplying guaranteed used spares for older Mercs to clients across South Africa, I run massive online Mercedes based platforms with a worldwide audience of over 500000 people. Want to sell your Mercedes? There is no better place to do it than through a sponsored post on my platforms.