When I started this business almost ten years ago it was in response to being sick and tired of seeing ordinary people continually being ripped off by those wanting to make a quick buck off of them. I envisaged it being a resource where one could find real help from like minded people. A place where how knackered or how pristine your Merc is, was irrelevant but focused instead on a shared love for the integrity of the brands older models.

Through the years I’ve been able to realise this to an extent within the time constraints of running the Old Merc Guy spares business on a full time basis but the time has come to focus on and mature the idea.

Wherever you live in the world, whether you own an older Mercedes-Benz or just share a passion for them, consider the Old Merc Guy your home. Here as an individual you will be able to get, FOR FREE:

1: FREE advice on problems experienced with your car and advice on who best to sort them out if necessary.
2: FREE buyers guidence if you’re looking to purchase an older Merc including whether its being sold for a reasonable price based on its condition.
3: FREE valuations for insurance.
4: A huge FREE platform to sell your own car
4: FREE access to a developing network of ethically run partner workshops, body repair businesses and service providers

The only criteria other than conditions put in place to prevent abuse (it is FREE after all), is that you LIKE and FOLLOW this Facebook page and that obviously you’re not a commercial enterprise.

If you are a business you’re welcome to contact me to find out how to become an Old Merc Guy Partner Store.

To free up the time for me to focus on growing our community I will be selling the established, stable and well respected Old Merc Guy spares business which has recently been featured in the U.K’s Mercedes Enthusiast magazine (June 2019) as well as The Herald newspaper (24 June 2019). It will be sold as a turnkey operation branded as an Old Merc Guy Partner store and with all stock and fixtures for a very, very reasonable price. It will also come with full training and of course the continued ongoing marketing support of The Old Merc Guy brand. If interested in that please contact me, Keyan, directly on 0780088781 or info@oldmercguy.co.za

We’re also on
Twitter: @theoldmercguy
Instagram: oldmercguy
Web: www.oldmercguy.co.za