SOLD: 1996 Mercedes-Benz E320 Sportline

FOR SALE BY OWNER: 1996 Mercedes-Benz W124 /E320 Sportline (R45000)
275.000 km. – complete engine rebuild Jan 2018.
– new stainless steel exhaust. ( Feb 2018)
– resone breaks / skimmed all disks ( Feb 2018)
– removed all small scratch and rust marks ( Feb 2018)
– cleaned out air on system / filters and regassed ( Feb 2018)
– new radio/ CD player and improved antenna.
– airflow sensor replaced, over R37000 spent in 2018 on the car.
Uses no oil or water
Runs consistant at around 80 degrees both in traffic and on open road.
Excellent power and acceleration.
Body good
Interior good
Tyres good
Electric windows
Power steering
Central locking
Bosal towbar
Car in Gamtoos Mouth.( 60 km from PE / 25 km from Jeffreys Bay.