W123 Camper projectShayne (Old Merc Guy's wife)

With the Mercedes-benz W123 being undoubtedly the best car ever made and my admiration for them spanning the four decades they’ve been around, it was a no brainer that when my wife and I started thinking about and planning an extensive multi-country trip spanning a few years, that a w123 would be chosen to form the basis of the vehicle we would use for it. This page will document the build and ultimately the adventures that we plan to have in it. The perfect donor arrived in the form of a rusty 1981 w123 240d sedan with no less than 1.3 million KM on that I initially bought in for stripping in my business, The Old Merc Guy.

One thing that has been VERY important to us in the entire build has been that everything used in the construction (other than the paint obviously) came from cars lying in The Old Merc Guy scrap yard. Yes, everything, the bull bars, the rear roof and hatch, the metal required, the sound deadening even the custom W123 canvas seat and dash cover and the volt meter and USB ports. All out of cars I’ve bought in for stripping. Factor in that the donor came in the form of a rusty 240d that had covered 1.3 million km and was sold to me for stripping, the whole project has really been about recycling and repurposing and just what’s possible in this regard with a bit of imagination and determination.

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